Unity Enviro 教學

Enviro 是一套支援 Unity 遊戲引擎的天空製作外掛程式,收錄的 Unviro Lite 提供輕量級的動態天空與天氣解決方案!


新的 Environ Manager omponent 管理器元件讓您輕鬆設定場景中的 Enviro 效果。

包含 Enviro Lite

Enviro 完整版包括 Enviro Lite 版本,多平台專案的理想選擇,將 Environ Lite 版用於行動裝置遊戲。只需按一個按鈕即可在 Enviro 版本之間切換。

Profile System 設定檔系統

Enviro 設定檔系統讓調整天空更容易,您可以在 Play 模式將的設定儲存到 Profile 設定檔,也可以在 Play 模式或設計模式中載入設定檔,為不同的場景創建不同的設定檔,也可以分享您的設定給其他開發者使用。

Day-Night cycle 日夜循環

Enviro supports a realistic day-night cycle. With correct sun and moon positions with full location support with latitude and longitude. You have options to use your system time or let Enviro update time based on realtime minutes.

Skybox 天空盒

Enviro includes an advanced fast atmospheric skybox shader to get great looking skies! You got a lot of options to tweak the sky and even can setup funky alien skies! The skybox also includes realistic stars with twinkling, optional milky way, moon with phases, high altitude animated cirrus clouds and an aurora effect.

Lighting 光照效果

Enviro will realisticly light your scene based on sun altitude. You have complete control over light intensity and color by modifying curves and gradients right in editor! You also can choose between different ambient light modes of course.

Seasons 季節變化

Enviro will change seasons and got a components to swap out gameobject, materials and textures of unity terrain. You are not limited to realistic settings! You can set the start and end days of each season. Enviro also supports temperature simulation, based on season, time of day and current weather.

Clouds 雲的效果

Enviro new raymarching cloud system is based on latest cloud rendering papers. These will bring you sky to life and offer plenty options to customize. Clouds performance is optimized by using techs like temporal reprojection and LOD system. In addition there are also fast flat and particle clouds options to mix or use for maximum performance.

Fog 霧的效果

Need stunnishing looking fog? Enviro includes an advanced light scattering fog image effect with distance, height and sky fog support. Need fog on your transparent material? No problem, with only a few lines of code you could modify your own transparent shaders to be fogged correctly. And a few particle and transparent shaders already included to get you started!

Weather 天氣

Enviro includes a very powerfull weather system. You can create your own weather types and drive light, sky, fog and clouds. Enviro supports all kind of Unity particle effects to give you the freedom to create any weather effect you can think of. It includes 11 premade weather types including: "Clear Sky", "Cloudy", "Raining", "Storm", "Snow" and "Foggy" weather. You can enable lightning storms and choose different ambient and weather sounds for each weather with smooth transitions.

Volumetric Lighting 質量光

Need some volume light effects you see in AAA games? No problem, Enviro support volumetric lighting for directional, point and spot lights with and without shadows out of the box! (Not supported in URP!)

Aurora Effect:

Enviro includes an aurora effect to simulate nothern lights for special atmospheric nights! Full customizable and rendered directly in skybox for easy reflections on your scene.

Extended Reflection Probe:

Enviro includes an extended reflection probe component to add enviro effects like clouds and fog to your Reflection Probes. It also support time slicing and periodic updates based on game time to save performance in realtime usage.

Scene View Effects

Preview Enviro effects like clouds, volume lighting and fog directly while you work on your scenes. You can enable or disable scene view preview for each effect individual of course.

匯出 HDR Cubemap

Enviro can render your sky in insane quality and export to a .exr hdr cubemap you can use in other projects where you don't need dynamic skies.


Enviro support UNet, Mirror and Photon out of the box. It will synchronize time and weather with all your players. Enviro also got an minimal mode for headless servers to only calculate time and weather but nothing more.


Virtual Reality 虛擬實境

支援 Multi / singlepass / Instanced stereoscopic 渲染,先前曾試用於 TENKOKU 並不理想,而 Enviro 在 Oculus Quest 2 虛擬實境裝置可以順暢執行,有興趣測試的可在此下載測試遊戲 [ Enviro HurricaneVR.apk ] 。


Environ 快速上手

從資源商店將 Enviro 下載到專案,開啟 [ Enviro - Sky and Weather > Samples > Scene ] 資料夾。

收錄 Enviro - Builtin, HDRP, URP 渲染管線的範例場景,開啟 Sample_Builtin_Standard 場景。

按下 Play 測試遊戲,畫面將會呈現動態天空,透過 UI 調整天空的效果。




選取場景中的 [ Environ Sky Manager > EnviroSky Standard ] 可透過 Inspector 進行天空效果的設定。

Progress Time

使用 Unity Script 控制天空效果。