Unity See Through 教學

Unity SeeThrough 教學

SeeThrough 是一套支援 Unity 遊戲引擎的外掛程式,避免玩家在場景移動時被遮擋而看不到,許多遊戲採用了這樣的設計。



See Through allows you to fade objects when they are in line of sight between the camera (or any other object) and its target. Works with all kind of assets including SpeedTree and the legacy trees. Objects can be linked together so an uniform fading is accomplished even if only one part of a complex object is obscuring the line of sight.



See Through 主要功能

- 設定簡單無特殊著色器

- 可使用於任何遊戲物件

- 提供完整的 C# 原始碼

- 支援 Unity 5.6 以上版本

官方網站 http://www.cygnusprojects.com